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Devilgirl was at home by herself when she hears a beeping sound. She follows it and finds that its her compacked mirror. She opens it, the mirror slides dowm and an old man appears. She smiles knowing all too well who it is.

Devilgirl- hello jerry. Its been a long time.

Jerry- yes it has. Would you mind coming into whoop?

Devilgirl- no not at all.

The floor opens up and she falls through and it closes.

Devilgirl- JERRY!

The wall opens up and she timbles  on to the floor with a thud. She sits up and looks a jerry.

Deilgirl- i so do not miss that part what so ever. So why am i here again jerry?

Jerry- i was hopping you would like to spend some time with the girls.

A big smile come on her face and her heart races.

Devilgirl- sam alex and clover! I would love to jerry!

Jerry smiles.

Jerry- very well then some gagets have already been packed with your things. Bye bye.

Devilgirl- byr jerry!

She gets sucked up and is off in a jet. A few hours later she's at the collage in beaverly hills. She takes her bags and finds where the girls are and knocks on the door. Alex opens the door and is shocked.

Alex-OMG devilgirl its you!

She hugs her and devilgirl hugs her back with a smile.

Devilgirl- its good to see you too alex.

Alex lets her inside and shuts the door.

Alex- sam! Clover! Get down here! You'll never believe whos here!

Sam and clover come down and get a big smile. They hug her and she hugs him.

Sam- its been so long devilgirl!

Clover- it sure has! We so have to go shopping and catch up.

Devilgirl- we will that's for sure.

They show her her room and after she's unpacked they head over to the mall to do some shopping and catching up.
color wheel by Devilgirl007
color wheel
I love how this one came out. I used different reds and so on to do this one. I really hope you like this one. It took a while to do.

osmosis jones mandala by Devilgirl007
osmosis jones mandala
I'll tell you how this works.

Thrax-red and purple
Ozzy-light blue dark blue
Leah-light purple dark purple
Drix-red and yellow

I finally saw the new Star wars movie and it's awesome! I can't believe Ben killed his own father! That weapon that was made was ten times bigger than his great grandfather Darth Vader's and it destroyed five planets at the same time!  I'm so glad they destroyed it. Now the fight is still far from over and soon it will be cousin vs cousin.


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United States
I'm 27 and I live in the Florida. I have a dog . I like to read, write stories and love car shows. Like making new friends. So don't be shy, stop by and feel free to look in my gallery.

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