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Hello everyone. I'm angry today! If you have dish there will be no more cartoon network or Nickelodeon! 

*cryies!*  DX!!!!!!
all of mousedom is asleep on halloween night but the children are still awake and in costume for they wait for victoria to come. in the moonlght a female brown bat with long black hair, red eyes and wearing a long black dress appears over the skies and begins to sing.

come little chlidren i'll take thee away,
into a land of enchantment

come little children the times come to play,
here in my garden of magic.

the windows unlock and open. the children come to them.

follow sweet children i'llshow thee the way,
through all the pain and the sorrows

weep not poor children for life is this way,
murdering beauty and passions.

the children fly out of their windows and into the sky where they join victoria and play in the clouds. she sniles at their happyness.

hush now deer children it must be this way,
too weary of life and deceptions

rest now my children for soon we'll away,
into the calm and the quiet.

she takes them all to her castle where candy, games and treats await them. they play and win prizes. a few hours later they'er all tired and ready to go home with their thing. she telaports them all home. ahe picks up a small brown 3 year old girl mouse and holds her in her arms as she flies her home. she sings again.

come little children i'll take thee away,
into a land of enchantment

come little children the times come to play,
here in my garden of shadows.

she comes into the girls bedroom and places the little girl mouse in here bed and kisses her good night. she leaves without making a sound. she watches as basil and amber come in to check on their little girl and smiles. tonight has been a wonderful halloween nightfor her and the children of mousedom.
GMD: children of the night
this is for the gmd halloween contest.

all characters belo9ng to their owners.

it was night and there's a storm going on outside. the girls were sitting close together as thrax appeared in the light wearing his mask and black suit. a smile on his face that sends shivers down the girls spines.

thrax-now how's about we have some fun.

he lights up his claw and starts to walk twords them with a smile on his face. meanwhile in the ballroom, the everyone else is having a good time. little do they know there party is about to come to an terrifying end. as the lights go out a sound is heard  in the darkness. the lights come back on and a women screams. there in the middle of the floor is elise in a pool of blood. scraches all over her body,her clothing is torn and knifes sticking out of her back. a giant bat shadow is seen and a high pich scream is heard. it hurts their ears so bad they have to cover their ears. the giant bat starts to attack them. everyone runs for their lives as they feel scraches and also hear growles. thrax and the girls hear the noise coming from the ballroom. he turns to waldo.

thrax- well don't just stand there, go see what's going on!

he bows and leaves. a few nimutes later he returns.

thrax- well, what is it!?

waldo- everyone is gone and elise has been killed master.

he thinks to himself"what could have killed her and scared away all of the people in the ballroom"? 

thrax- stay here with the girls while i go see what's going on.

he leaves the room leaving waldo with the girls. he goes to see about lenore and what he finds wories him. she's found dead on the floor with a look of pure fear on her face. something must have scared her so badly to do this to her. he starts to head back to the girls. a feeling he's being watched. waldo is in the room with the girls when they hear a low growle in the room bit they can't see where it's coming from. waldo's eyes begin to change color but before he can do anything a blade goes right through him. the girls scream. waldo sees the blade and fear comes on to his face when he sees what kind of blade it is and he knows it's the only thing that can kill him. he turns to the girls.

waldo-i'm sorry dear ladies.

he falls to the ground with a thud dead. thrax comes into the room and sees waldo onthe floor dead.

female voice-now that your here we can now start the fun.

all of the doors slam shut and lock. he looks around the room now almost covered in darkness. thrax keeps looking around but can't see who it is.

thrax- who are you!?

female voice- i'm supried you don't remember me thrax. I remember you even after all these years.

thrax- why are you here?!

female voice- to save these girls and to finish what i started with your face. speaking of face, let's get rid of the mask shell we?

a shadow comes out of the darknees and knocks him to the ground. his mask slides a few feet away from him. the girls now see what he's been hidding behind the mask all this time. five giant claw marks going across the right side of his face. he runs his hand over them and it all comes back to him.


a brown bat with long black hair,blood red eyes and is wearing a long black dress appears from the shadows with a smile on her face.

victoria- hello thrax. it's been five years.

the name hits the girls. they had heard of a girl named victoria that disappeared five years ago and was never found. now they know why. she must have been his first victim before he came after them. his burner claw glows bright red and he smiles at her.

thrax- i'll make sure to finish you off like i should have done five years ago.

victoria's eyes glow bright red and she growls.

victoria- not if I finish you off first you monster

the girls watchas they attack each other.  clothing is being torn and claws draw blood. she avoids his burner claw with her speed. he kicks her to the ground and runs to the wall to get something. as she comes at him he stabs her with a sword and it goes strait through her. she grabs onto the handle and falls to the floor. he fixes himself up.

thrax- now where was I? oh yes now i remember.

he starts to make his way over to the girl. all six of them are terrifyed of what he might do to them. as he does they see something that shocks them. they watch victoria's arm move over to the handle of the sword. her hand grabs on to it and she slowly pulls it out of herself. she gets up and quietly comes yp behind thrax with sword in hand. thrax gets a feeling someone is behind him and turns around. she cuts of off he's burning claw and stabs the sword straight through he's body. He screams in pain. 

Victoria- you stabed my heart once,  this time you missed. 

She pushes the sword deep into a marble piller. thrax tries to pull it out but its stuck.

victoria-I forgot to tell you that i'm a vampire and imortal now so you can't kill me.

She pulls the sword out of the piller and thrax. She disappears into the shadows and thrax falls on his hands and knees one hand on the hole where the sword use to be. He looks around the room for her. Suddenly a black tentacle comes out of the darkness and wraps itself around he's ankle and starts pulling him in towards a pair of blood red eyes. He digs he's claws into the marble floor and fear on he's face.

Victoria- it's no use thrax.  Your mine now. 

Thrax- no no noooooo! 

He disappears. She sinks her fangs into he's flesh and digs her claws into him. he screams in pain and then there's silence. She reappears and looks at the girls with a smile. 

Victoria- you and everyone else won't have to worry about him for the red death is dead.

She helps the girls and their families get home safely.  News of the red death's body and he's helpers bodies being found by the police speads like wildfire. The red death's terror has ended. 

Three months later all six girl's are checking the mail when a black envelope with red letters catches their eyes.  They take it inside and open it to see it's from Victoria. 

Dear girls I hope you and your loved ones are all doing well. When I heard about what happened to you,  I made it my mission to free you all as soon as possible before someone terrible happened to you and your families. The claw and burn marks will heal in time but sadly for me it is preeminent and can not be undone. Don't worry about me though.  I'll be keeping an eye on all of you and others too.

Until we meet again,

The girls look at the full moon and smile. 

All six- thank you Victoria. 

MOTRD-the final battle
This is Victoria's  and thrax's final battle and he gets it good. 

All characters belong to their rightful owners.

Comments are wanted.

Today is my 26th birthday! I'm so excited!  XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the happy birthdays! You are all such awesome friends!
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It starts a few days ago when Sahara was called to a hidden location where Egypt angels lived.  The king called her because a hunter named Erik Jaeger had cut off the queen 's wings and taken them with him. Sahara along with Maria must go to London to retrieve the wings. 

It's night and it's late. Erik Jaeger is in he's trophy room.  He smiles as he looks at them all. 
Erik Jaeger- ah my lovely trophies. All of you are worth so much money but the most valuable of you all are the wings that belonged to the Angel queen of Egypt. Now to get some sleep.  A lot of angels to sell to the highest bidder. 

He chuckles and goes to bed. Little does he know two girls have over heard him. one with her face covered up and the other dressed as the masked protector. 

Sahara- we must save the angels and get the wings. 

Maria- let's do this. 

They make their way into the mansion and to where the angels are being held. They are teleported to Egypt to be taken care of. They make their way to the trophy room where the wings are.  As she reaches for them a shot rings out. They turn around and see Erik Jaeger holding his gun. 

Erik Jaeger- I don't know who you are but you're not taking those wings anywhere.

Sahara throws some throwing stars at him and he moves out of the way.  He blocks Maria's sword as she attacks him while she keeps him busy Sahara gets the wings.  Before Erik can shoot at them a smoke ball goes off.  After it clears he finds them both gone.  He goes to check on he's angels only to find them all gone as well.  He screams in anger.

Erik Jaeger- just you wait.  The sooner I find out who you both are,  you both will pay. 

He's unable to sleep for the rest of the night.  Both girls return the wings and thanks to the healing pool the queen can now fly again. 
GMD: getting the queen's wings
This for als123.  Feel better soon! 

Erik Jaeger belongs to als123.

Today is my 26th birthday! I'm so excited!  XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the happy birthdays! You are all such awesome friends!
  • Listening to: radio on my mp3 playef
  • Reading: awesome stuff on DA
  • Watching: the 1966 Batman TV show marathon!
  • Playing: games on tablet or phone
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


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