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We all know that viper is the queen of the mafia world but there's something you don't know about her.  She may look like a red death but she wasn't born one.  So how did she become the viper we all know?  Let's start at when her father and mother first met. Her mother jade ( a beautiful snake cell with green eyes) had just been thrown out of the house by her abusive mother. Her father ( a white blood cell ) happened to spot her and as soon as they're eyes lock with each other it's pure love.  He puts her things into his car but before jade leaves she gets the last word and by last word, she shoots her dead. They both take off into the night and a year later they get married.  They have their dangerous fun for six years until something comes into their lives that changes all that. A beautiful baby girl named viper. 

The both of them are so thrilled to have her in their lives and vowed to make sure that nothing happened to her. They enjoy each other start to teach her what she Will need to know in life and also the mafia life as well. At the age of ten her mother is killed and her father is heartbroken by her death. His men can't find who had done it. What makes him smile is his daughter viper. She still takes her kung fu classes and learning from her father.  In her young teens she falls for a red death virus named thrax.  Even though she doesn't get pregnant,  she does get infected.  Her father stays by her side through her transformathion.  Even though she looks like a red death her eyes and who she is on the inside stay the same. his men make a promise that if something happens to him they will watch over her. He tells his daughter that if anything happens to him,  that she will take over. Viper finds out that unlike other red deaths that can light up only one claw,  she can light up all of hers and her other scenes are more alert.this combined with her skills makes her a great fighter. when thrax returns to try and take down the body she makes sure that doesn't happen. 

At the age of 16 her father is killed just like her mother. The both of them are buried side by side and viper has taken her father's place. A family friend in the mafia tells her who killed her parents and where she could find him.she confronts the king of the mafia world and with her skills and claws,  she takes him out permanently. From that day one she's known as viper,  queen of the mafia world. 
oj oc vipers life story
This is a story of how viper became who she is and how she got that way. This popped into my head while at school today.  Comments are wanted. 

the king and the girls had gone to bed that night and all was quiet. little do they know they'er about to get an early wake up call. animalia, devilgirl, victoria and tech are all hiding in the woods and looking at the castle.

devilgirl- so here's what we do animalia will keep the king and the others busy while victoria, tech and i get the girls and avengers out of there.

they all nod and get ready.


you and the girls are sound asleep when something hits the castle and knockes you and everyone else on to the floor. a loud roar tells you soething is attacking the castle. you peek out the door and see the armored men running down the hallway to fight off whatever this thing was. dana comes up to you.

dana- what's going on!

you look at her with a worried look.

(Y/N)- i don't know but whatever it is loki will not be happy about it that's for sure.

they hear loki storming down the hallway in rage.

loki- what is the meaning of this?!

meanwhile ourside:

animalia has turned into godzilla and is attacking the castle. as soon as loki appears she breaths out firebut he blocks it with one of his spells. all three girls get inside without being seen and ger to work. tech takes out some of the armored men while victiria bites them and puts them under her control.

victoria- find the avengers and when you do come find me.

they nod and do as they are told. devilgirl finds a door and hears girls voices behind it and opens it and sees the girls inside.


you and all the girls look at her.

(Y/N)- who are you?

devilgirl- i'm devilgirl and this is tech and victiria. we're agents of shield sent here to get you and the avengers out of here.

dana- i thought loki knew qbout all of the avengers?

devilgirl smiles.

devilgirl- not all of them. loki may be smart but shield is better. now let's get you all out of here before loki finds out what's really going on.

victoria makes a portal appear. you look through it and see shield agents. you all go into it. you look back at devilgirl and the others.

(Y/N)- what about you?

devilgirl- don't worry about us we'll see you again.

the portal closes and soon their leader mr. fury shows up.

fury- welcome to the spaceship ladies and don't worry about the girls that just saved you, theycan handle it.

meanwhile in the castle:

as they leave the room one of victoria's victums shows up and takes them to the avengers. tony is the first to get up.

tony- are we ever glad to see you!

she helps them get out and get their things. the leave the same way the girls did. they get loki's cube of power along with some other things and go into the woods.

devilgirl- alright animalia we,re done. time to go.

she stops attacking and goes into the woods where she returns to her normale human form. devilgirl makes a portal with her black flame. they go inside and it disappears leaving nothing behind. loki is giong back to his room when he sees the door to the girls room open. he goes inand finds them all gone. anger comes on to his face.

loki-i'll find out who did this and when i do they'er mine.

he goes into his room slamming the door behind him.
a king amusement:lokixreader:rescue
in this one you, the girls and the avengers are saved by these awesome girls.

a kings amusement story and dana belongs to trix3er.

i hope you like it!

ozzy had just finished killing of a white blood cell when he heard cop cars coming. suddunly he hears a voice calling to him.

voice- come with me if you want to live.

he hears the cars getting closer.

ozzy-after you.

he fallows the voice to an underground hide out where he seeswhat look like cells and virus but their all black and green. he sees a female with long green hair sitting on some kind of throne. something told him she must be the queen of them all. she smiles and flyies down to him.

chrysilas- you must be the red death virus my children have told me so much about. i'm chrysilas, queen of the changlings.

ozzy- nice to meet ya. i'll just be going now. cells to kill and allthat i don't want to take up your time.

her fallower block his path and he looks back at her.

chrysilas- you can't leave just yet, not wheni have a plan for you.

he taps his chin with his claw and looks at her with a smile.

chrysilas-i know their after you and so is that thrax. why take down this city when you can help me take over it. my changlings can turn into any cell they want and hide in plane sight. we can duild an army if changlings by infecting cells they catch at night. when we have giant army they can attack the body giving the two of us time to ge to the brain and the major. with him gone and i in control they can't touch you. not even thrax himself will be able to touch you as well. so what do you say ozzy darling?

he shakes hands with her and smiles.

ozzy- you've got yourself a deal beautiful.
osmosis jones reversed: ozzy meets chrysilas
this is where ozzy meets chrysilas and they become a team.

osmosis jones reversed is not mine.

all characters belong to their owners.

Rudolph 50th anniversary plush! by Devilgirl007
Rudolph 50th anniversary plush!
That's right! Rudolph celebrated his 50th anniversary last year! they came out with a bunch of stuff but i love this the most and his nose lights up too! I hope you all love him just as much as I do!

tomodachi life: Sally by Devilgirl007
tomodachi life: Sally
Here's sally from animalia island. You can add her if you want.

Hello everyone! One of the games I got for Christmas was tomodachi life and it's awesome! I have two married couples and now baby number 3 that was born Friday. They grow up so fast. ( when I mean fast I mean a little more than a week.) I'll be posting pictures of them so keep a look out!

  • Listening to: radio on my mp3 playef
  • Reading: awesome stuff on DA
  • Watching: the 1966 Batman TV show marathon!
  • Playing: games on tablet or phone
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water


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I'm 25 and I live in the Florida. I have a dog . I like to read, write stories and love car shows. Like making new friends. So don't be shy, stop by and feel free to look in my gallery.

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