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Thrax has been called to the chef's ( who is a girl ) office. He sits in the chair across from her. 

Thrax- ya wanted to see me? 

She gives him an annoyed look. 

Female chef- if you're going after ozzy your going to need back up.  These are your partners. 

Thrax- I don't need any......

He's cut off when he sees the two girls he will be working with.  The first is a real light blue and is wearing all blue.  The next is a real light green , has red hair and is wearing all green. 


Crystal- you must be thrax.  I'm Crystal and this is ivy.

He smiles and shakes their hands. 

Thrax- it's a pleasure to meet you lovely ladies.  Shell we go? 

As he leaves, he turns to he's chef and winks at her but she just rolls her eyes. 
osmosis Jones reversed: thrax's partners
This is when thrax meets his partners and by the look of things he doesn't mind at all. Just wait until he finds out about their abilities. 

Crystal and ivy belong to me. 

Osmosis Jones reversed belongs to chokojin. 

I just realized I'm over 20,000 page views!  O_O!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank you all!!!!!!!
thrax and me by Devilgirl007
thrax and me
her's thrax and me after a hard days work.

base belongs to admagers.

Birds:  fire and ice by Devilgirl007
Birds: fire and ice
My first two pages are done and they came out awesome! The black and red is fire and the blue is ice.

The coloring was done by me.

Comments wanted please.

my tattoo coloring book by Devilgirl007
my tattoo coloring book
This is my tattoo coloring book I got at barns n noble yesterday and it's got awesome stuff you can color in. I'll try to post some of ones I color in so keep a look out. I hope you get this book too!

Enjoy!   :)
Today is my 26th birthday! I'm so excited!  XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for the happy birthdays! You are all such awesome friends!
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United States
I'm 25 and I live in the Florida. I have a dog . I like to read, write stories and love car shows. Like making new friends. So don't be shy, stop by and feel free to look in my gallery.

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 ( It's morning and the sun comes in through the window. She opens her eyes and sees thrax asleep. She smiles because he looks so cute when he sleeps. She whispers in his ear.) " thrax are awake yet? Thraaaaaax."
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Loves ya too thrax! (Hugs!)
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